Butter Nezumi

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Butter Nezumi Mugshot
Butter Nezumi Mugshot
Butter Nezumi
Butter Nezumi art by Neo.
In-Game Information
HP: 26
Weakness(es): Pashiri Gun (Nezumi Man)
Wheel Cutter (MaGMML2)
Affiliations: Dr. Gyoniku
Occupation: Cow
Misc. Information
Designer(s): hsp
Gender: Male?
Series Information
Inc Game Appearances: Make a Good Mega Man Level 2
Other Appearances: Nezumi Man
MaGMML2 ButterNezumi.png

Butter Nezumi is one of the eight Nezumis from the pseudo-Mega Man game Nezumiman. Like most of the other "Robot Masters" from that game, he is a mouse with cow-like spot patterns on him. His special weapon is the Butter Barrier, and in his home game he also has a regular Buster. His battlefield also contains a large milk bottle he can jump into to charge his Butter Barrier and splash milk everywhere. In Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, he returns as the boss of Tier 9, featuring a vastly expanded moveset.

Game Apperances


In his home game, Nezumiman, Butter Nezumi has his own stage that takes place on a farm. The fight with Butter Nezumi himself is simple and pattern-based. He will jump into the milk glass, come out with the shield, jump once, throw the shield, and shoot three buster shots. This pattern repeats infinitely. His weakness is the Paschiri Gun, Usagi's weapon, and can pierce through the Butter Barrier. Beating him will give Nezumi Man his special weapon, the Butter Barrier, which is a typical shield weapon that can cut through weak enemies like butter and has a low ammo count. The Butter Barrier is Ice Nezumi's weakness.

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2

Butter Nezumi appears as the boss of Tier 9. When Mega Man first encounters him, he appears from a milk bottle after churning it. Unlike his home game, he actually speaks, and he reveals that he came to the festival as revenge for Mega Man "killing" the Milk hologram, claiming it was "like a son to me".

The actual fight is much more complicated than the original. He and Jet Man are the only two tier bosses that have a room larger than 1x1. The arena's layout is instead about a screen and a half, featuring two milk bottles he jumps into on opposite sides of the arena as opposed to one. Butter Nezumi's pattern in this game consists of him swapping around the "flavor" of the milk with bombs and getting different elemental shields as a result. He always cycles through a constant pattern - regular Butter Barrier, Nitro Butter Barrier, Fire Butter Barrier, Ice Butter Barrier, Shock Butter Barrier, and then the pattern loops. He also can throw bouncing cheese projectiles that, if they land in the milk, will be submerged and later explode into an awkward semi-X pattern of projectiles.

The ways he "throws" the shield depend on the "flavor" of the current barrier. The normal Butter Barrier will be thrown downwards and explode into four butter projectiles that slide across the ground. The Nitro Butter Barrier will let Butter Nezumi rev around the arena at extreme speeds and explodes after hitting a wall twice. The Fire Butter Barrier will lob fire projectiles at Mega Man before exploding into semi-homing giant fireballs. The Ice Butter Barrier will gradually spread outwards before crumbling. The Shock Butter Barrier will constantly send sparks out that increase the hit range of the shield, and Butter Nezumi will try to jump at Mega Man to take advantage of this. Butter Nezumi is weak to the Wheel Cutter, which pierces through his shield and is a floor tracking weapon just like his original weakness, Paschiri Gun.

Once defeated, Butter Nezumi will show up at Chateau Chevaleresque like all other tier bosses. He compliments the drinks but laments about the lack of milk.

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2
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