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Bass Comic Adventures
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Bass Comic Adventures (known as BCA) is a sprite comic created by Rhythm. It takes place in the Classic timeline after an undetermined amount of time following the events of Mega Man 10. It consists of main characters from the canon timeline, as well as a mix of new and original characters.


Bass Comic Adventures were started as a way for Rhythm to give his own unique spin on the Mega Man universe. After playing Mega Man 9, he discovered the long-finished webcomic Bob and George, and liked the different take that was taken on the 6 NES games, as well as including original stories. Following the release of Mega Man 10, and the unveiling of an 8-bit style Bass, and noticing there weren't many Bass-centric sprite comics throughout the spriting world, Rhythm opted to give Bass centerstage in a new sprite comic that would enable him to take on original storylines with the Classic cast.


  • Bass: Built by Dr. Wily with the ambition to be the strongest robot in the world, Bass possesses great power and abilities. Without a clear purpose beyond power, Bass could never overtake his rival. Following an upgrade during the events of Mega Man 9, Bass grew to detest his creator, and after Mega Man 10, abandoned Dr. Wily and sought refuge with the Lights.
  • Mega Man: Built by Dr. Light as a robotic lab assistant named Rock, Mega Man volunteered to fight for justice when Dr. Wily first attempted to take over the world. Has a strong will and a stronger heart to always do what is necessary for the greater good.
  • Roll: Built as the sister and companion to Rock, Roll has always stood by her brother's side throughout his many adventures. She developed an attraction to Bass, seeing him as a broken individual that could be fixed. This drives Mega Man crazy to no end.
  • Proto Man: Dr. Light's prototype Robot Master, Proto Man was once considered an enemy of Mega Man, but has since become his ally in the fight against Dr. Wily. He's found in Light Labs' basement where he keeps a collection of Joe robots for his own amusement. Trophies perhaps...?
  • Rhythm: Built by Dr. Oudin to destroy Mega Man, Rhythm was based upon data of Bass stolen from Dr. Wily . Given immense strength as well as the entire database of Dr. Wily's Weapons Archive, Rhythm is a formidable foe to the Blue Bomber and Bass alike. But a certain red robot has found a way for Rhythm to sing the blues.
  • Baroque: The robotic combination of Bass and Roll's programming, or "son" if you wish to get technical, Baroque posses a wide-eyed innocence to the dangerous world around him. Has a hidden strength that hasn't been researched yet. Maybe a glitch of the coding.
  • Melodiya: Designed by Dr. Cossack to be a true companion for Mega Man, Melodiya was built based on existing data of Roll, but given some unique features with the help of some input of Kalinka. She is extremely loyal and faithful to what she deems is her future husband.
  • Disco: Built by Dr. Wily following the events of Mega Man 10, Disco is designed to follow Dr. Wily's orders without question. Being the sister of Bass, she is very strong willed and opinionated, showing general animosity towards the rest of the cast.

Along with numerous Robot Masters and other supporting cast.

Comic Structure and Style

Bass Comic Adventures is normally a 4-panel comic. Occasionally, if story (or a joke) takes a bit longer to set up or tell, the comic could be 8 panels. A few irregularities have occurred early on as Rhythm was testing out different panels and sizes to try and find the best size for BCA. The comics are done in an 8-bit style seen during the NES era and the retro-inspired Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10. Most sprites are taken from rips located on Inc's database, with some custom edits for certain characters, such as Bass and Roll, to help define them a bit more. All comics are made in Paint, with some effects utilized in GIMP to create shadowing or movement sprites.


Chapter Name Synopsis
Chapter I The Beginning An introduction to Bass Comic Adventures
Chapter II What's My Name Again? Bass embarks on a journey to discover the origins and true pronunciation of his name
Chapter III Random Filler Some bad jokes and worse puns keep the story going
Chapter IV The Oudin Saga The mysterious Dr. Oudin has kidnapped Dr. Wily and launched a war on Dr. Light! It's up to Mega Man and Bass to stop him!
Chapter V More Random Filler After all the excitement and shake-ups, time to get random again.
Chapter VI Return of the Stardroids Terra arrives on Earth seeking Mega Man's help. With the Blue Bomber out of commission, Bass steps in to prove he's the strongest robot.
Chapter VII From Russia, With Love Mega Man is sent to Dr. Cossack's Lab in Russia to recuperate from damages sustained from Rhythm. Dr. Cossack thinks he has just the ticket to speed up his recovery.
Chapter VIII Upgrades and Changes Mega Man's return spurns something deep within Roll, who demands something unexpected from Dr. Light
Chapter IX Attack of the Alternates Dr. Wily opens a strange portal to another world where things are a bit...flipped
Chapter X Non Sequitur 2 There's always room for more bad jokes.
Chapter XI BCA Q&A 1 Bass answers questions sent in by the readers
Chapter XII Return of the Revenge Rhythm has returned with 8 powerful Robot Masters, and has freed Dr. Oudin! Mega Man and Bass rush into action again to stop these new robots from wrecking havoc across the globe
Chapter XIII Disco Tech A new Wily bot is introduced and the gang heads to the Advanced Robotics Trade Show to mingle with other budding scientists and roboticists
Chapter XIV BCA Q&A 2 Bass deals with a second round of questions from the readers
Chapter XV Equality is a Cruel Mistress A familiar looking Mistress and her followers rebel in a stance for equal treatment in society. It's up to Mega Man and Bass to put down the uprising without diminishing the overall cause


Bass Comic Adventures has been the winner of the Inc Awards BnG Award for Best Comic for five years.


The largest standout from BCA has been the character Rhythm. With the switch from Old Inc to the new forum, the author changed his username to that of "Rhythm_BCA" to identify and promote the comic's main original character. The name and design has been used for other projects, including Valo's Weapon Alpha game project and Jace's RPG project. Two Oudin Robot Masters, Winter Man and Polarity Man, were voted into SIBRE as fightable bosses.

A spinoff comic, titled Tales from Elseworld was started following the positive reception from the Attack of the Alternates story arc, but due to outside factors, has been put on hiatus for the time being.

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