Bang Twin

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Bang Twin
Quint with Bang Twin equipped.

Bang Twin is Turquoise Toad Man's Special Weapon. It can be aimed in multiple directions and upon contact with an enemy, splits into two projectiles that travel perpendicular to the direction Bang Twin was originally thrown at. These new projectiles pierce enemies and shields they come into contact with.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Quint's Revenge 2.

7BTwinIcon.gif Bang Twin (B.Twin)
Boss Damage
Sapphire Fire Man 0
Ruby Elec Man 1
Emerald Quick Man 2
Crystal Flash Man 4
Hyacinth Gemini Man 2
Amethyst Snake Man 2:2
Turquoise Toad Man 1
Topaz Drill Man 1
Dokuro MK 2 2

* For Amethyst Snake Man, the first value represents damage to the first form, the second value represents damage to the second form.

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