Anchor Man

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Anchor Man Mugshot
Anchor Man Mugshot
Anchor Man
In-Game Information
HP: 28
Attack Damage:  ???
Weapon: Anchor Throw
Weakness(es): Mega Man Dissonance:
Mirage Divider
Trick Bomb
Affiliations: DrHookLogo.png Dr. Hook
S-LeagueLogo.png S-League
Occupation: Cargo Ship Navigator
Misc. Information
Designer(s): Blackhook
Gender: Male
Series Information
Inc Game Appearances: SIBRE
Other Appearances: Mega Man Dissonance
"Full steam ahead!"
―Anchor Man

Anchor Man Is a robot master designed by Dr. Hook. His main purpose is to serve on cargo ships and perform various tasks on board, like navigation, routine check ups of the ship's state as well as be able to stop the whole ship with his anchor in case of emergency.

Video Game Appearances


Other Media

Mega Man Dissonance

Anchor Man appears in the web comic Megaman Dissonance as one of the 8 robots designed by Dr. Hook who become the main antagonistic force of the story. In chapter 1 he is seen taking control over a ship while informing the crew of the fact that [he] "has a new captain now". He later appears in chapter 6, where he set the ship he hijacked in chapter 1 on a crash course with a nearby dock. Splash Woman and Ice Man try to desperately stop the ship, when Megaman arrives to help them. He presumes the crew is still on board but Anchor Man reveals he let them escape on a lifeboat. Anchor Man reveals that unlike the other robots, he has no hard feelings towards humans, in fact he admits to enjoy working with them, but it turns out he is loyal to Dr. Hook to the point he would do anything she commands him to do. After fighting Megaman, where he proves to be a quite skilled fighter, Megaman tries to stop the fight by convincing Anchor Man that he is just being manipulated by the rogue Requiem. Conflicted by whether or not he is doing the right thing, Anchor Man allows himself to be hit by Megaman's charged buster shot, which throws him off the ship, where he gets promptly frozen to the hull of the ship by Ice Man's attempts to stop the ship.

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