Rhythm is currently piecing together the list for this year's Wedge Award given annually. If you joined the community after November 25, 2016 and have either only come into DeadChat, posted in the Smeghead forum, or visited the Inc Discord, please send Rhythm a private message to let him know you are an active member of Inc and we can include you in our Wedge Award Eligible Nominees List. Check your profile for your join date before sending the PM. Thank You!

What this Section is for:
What This Forum is For: More and more fangame ideas are popping up. In order to help flesh out starting ideas from those that have grown beyond a concept, we have created this separate forum so people will be able to see early ideas and read up on where they’d like to go.

People from the Bob and George forums know exactly what I'm ripping off. This is a forum for concepts that obviously have effort invested into them, but aren't fit to be posted in any of the Homebrew Games sections. Yet.

This still isn't a place to post a thread that says little more than "I have an idea for a game! I need spriters and programmers and musicians and a story". Unlike other forums, it will be acceptable to petition help here before you have actual work completed. However, prior to doing this, it's necessary to thoroughly do the following:

1. Think out and refine your concept the most you can on your own. If your thread is obviously half-assed, it will be locked. That's all there is to it. Basically, don't post anything stupid.

2. Don't post a generic idea. What do I mean by generic? If a carbon copy of your thread can be found that was posted a month ago, you're probably not being as creative as you could be.

3. Make a descriptive thread title. Self explanatory. I should be able to read your topic title and have some idea of what it's about. This is a general rule of the forum, but I feel it bears restating. I should also be able to tell just from looking at the title a general idea as to what your game may be.

Generically, you might put one of the following in front of your thread title:

[Original Game]
[Fan Game]
[You don't need to confine your titles to whatever words I happened to have thought of in 24 seconds or strictly use brackets or all capital letters because I did, use some common sense people]

4. Accept criticisms and work to refine your initial concept. This is basically the whole point of the section. This can be really extensive for, say, a fan-game, because concise and well thought out gameplay concepts and details are pretty much the difference between a quality game and a shite one. The core purpose of this is to sell your idea to the community. You want to make your game worth those who are willing to invest their time to help you see your idea come to life.

If you try to ask for help with sprites/programming/etc before doing this, you will be denied.

The idea is that your idea will eventually develop into, well, not an idea. This would be, for example, the day that the first in-game screenshots are posted for a game idea. At that point, you should contact a staff member so that the thread can be renamed and moved to the correct section.

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