These are real questions, that have been asked, so i'll be answering them here!
Q: The game crashes and says the Joystick.mfx is missing!
A: You are missing the version of Direct X this game requires. This is due to Xbox Controller support, which requires Direct X version 9.0.c.

Q: The game says the boss file is missing!
A: Nine times out of ten, this is because you've tried to swap the boss files around.
How-ever, if you recieve this error without such tomfoolery, try putting the game on a different hard drive.
If this still does not solve the issue, .. er.. tell me!

Q: Why are two weapons from last year's game?
A: Long story short - the game isn't finished.

Q: What?
A: The game was intended to revive the original Christmas Carol bosses. Due to time restraints, these had to be dropped.

Q: Why are there 8 weapon slots, but only 4 bosses?
A: See above answer.

Q: Can I unlock the other 4 weapons?
A: Beat Wily on Hard Mode.

Q: How the hell do you beat Ignorance?! I can't hurt him!
A: Keep at it. His armour won't last for-ever!

Q: Why is this a downloadable game and not a flash title?
A: The flash engine developed for Christmas Carol 1 was too limiting. This game is made using my new Megaman engine, which is being made for a different fangame, but got previewed here first.

Q: Will you port the game to flash?
A: Unlikely.

Q: Can I get the soundtrack?
A: Soundtrack download will be up on Youtube shortly.

Q: Where did you get the sprites?
A: I didn't "get" them anywhere. I made them.

Q: Can I use them?
A: Contact me first, and tell me what you want to do with them. I'll think about it.

Q: Wasn't Want a girl in the novel?
A: What's to say this Want isn't female?

Q: What was this game made in?
A: Multimedia Fusion 2.

Q: Can I use your engine?
A: Not at this time, no. The engine has too many issues to release publicly.

Q: How many achievements are there?
A: There are 6 achievements in total. You'll know when you've unlocked them, as you'll get a massive score boost.

Q: What are the achievements?
A: I'm neither saying or giving any clues to how to unlock them.