Stage Select
Who need's a menu?

Scrooge 1
Angel of Death

Scrooge 2
Straight from Dicken's novel.

Tiny Tim
Not ready!

Want 1
Remember the first game!

Want 2
Cherry up top.

Who need's weapons?

Relight the tree.
If you figure out all of these achievements, email me with a screenshot of the full achievements page, telling me what you did to unlock them.
You'll get added to this page to prove to the world how utterly bored you are!

Hall of Fame
So far, four people have gotten all the achievements in this game.:
* July 17th 2012 - Joseph Collins *
* December 05th 2012 - GiovanH *
* December 23rd 2012 - Rhythm_BCA *
* December 23rd 2012 - Chaos_Fantazy *