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Version Released - March 08th, 2012 - 00:20(GMT)
Gotta stand up tall! Learn to face your fears! Hey Mega-fans! You got here from Youtube? The main page? Either way, you've probably heard that the lastest release fixes and adds a few things to the game.
The changes are numerous! Special thanks go out to all the Beta testers, you've helped the Wilyvania engine grow!
The game should now play closer to the Megaman physics!
Changes in Verison 1.9.9
There is no additional endings programmed yet.

* Score added to the game.
* High Score table has been added to the game. The ability to view daily and latest players is also avaible.
* There is a new Get Weapon screen. It now contains demostrations of the weapons.
* A.. certain theme music makes a cameo appearance.
* There are hidden achievements, which grant bonus score by performing bizzare actions in-game.
I'm not telling you what they are!
* There are one of these per level, with the exception of Want's stage.. where there are two.

* Introduction music has been changed slightly.
* New musical pieces for Get Weapon and Victory.
* Dr Wily Phase 2 has a new piece of music.
* You can no longer pause the game on Stage Select.
* Health no longer drops on Hard Mode.
* The extra E-Tank in the stage select no longer spawns on Hard Mode.
* Wily is now less vulernable to his weakness on Hard Mode.
* Ignorance is now harder on Hard Mode.
* Candy Cane has a altered colour scheme.
* Candy Cane now works like it did in Christmas Carol 1.
* Bass's dash physics have been redone. He can now stop mid-air.
* You can no longer use Exit during a boss fight.
* Subtle change made to the ending.

* E-Tanks and w-Tanks no longer boot you out of the Weapon Select.
* W-Tanks no longer restore health.
* W-Tanks can no longer be used if the player's weapon energy is full.
* The "Player can no longer move" glitch has been fixed.
* The "Player being pushed into floor" via Want's door has been fixed.
* Wily being unable to fire if left alive too long has been fixed.
* Wily can no longer be defeated whilst still in his first phase.
* Wilyvania exclusive power ups such as money and hearts have been removed. Er, whoops.
* Various typos fixed.
* Mysterious Rush energy drain in Scrooge's level fixed.
* Bass can now fire 4 shots in Tiny Tim's level.
* Want's cane collision mask has been fixed.
* Ignorance's facial animation now works correctly for all weapons.
* Minor art fixes to Bob Cratchit.
* You can no longer pause the game or move Megaman when you're not supposed to. Hopefully!
* Knockback coding redone, hopefully fixed the glitch that invovled the player getting pushed into the wall.
* Rush, Treble, and additional weapons now respond correctly to moving platforms/conveyor belts.
* Cheat code display at the end of the game now displays the correct command. Whoops, sorry. ^_^;