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CC3 - Weapon Set
Description: Wishing Shield
Your bog standard shield weapon.

Doppler Decoy
Launch a Doppelganger of yourself that distracts enemies.

Spined Dreidel
Fast projectile that moves along the ground.

Razor Flake
Aimable projectile that can be fired in 8 directions. Basically metal blade.

Advent Launcher
Pirecing projectile that drops flame pellets as it travels.

Digital Recode
Temporarily cause certain enemies to fight for you.

Nut Cracker
Bouncing projectile that explodes upon contact with enemies.

Acidic Brandy
Arcing weapon that can destroy certain blocks.

Utility "Weapons":
Obtained by beating a linked pair of Robot Masters.

Rime Breaker
Like Break Dash from Megaman 5GB. Breaks certain blocks.

Absolute Barrier
Prevents all damage dealt to you for a short time whilst active, at the cost of you not being able to fire with it on. You can reflect enemy projectiles if they hit the shield.

Swan Dance
Dance flamboyantly through enemies. Combines
as both a speed boost and doubles as a Rush Coil replacement.

Rush/Break/Treble Adaptor
Very high energy use adaptor that allows for brief flight. Replaces Rush Jet from standard arsenal.
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