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  Archive Update - Cameos, Backgrounds, and Super Fighting Robot, Rubberman!
Posted by: ACE_Spark - Yesterday 05:21 PM - No Replies

Quite a few nifty things this time round, some obscure stuff, and DarkSamus993 has finished ripping the backgrounds from Mega Man X!

And I think we've finally got a complete sheet of the 32bit (MM8 & MM&Bass) Megaman at long last.

Classic Series
* Special Weapon frames from Megaman 8 added to 32bit Megaman sheet.
* Additionally, missing frames from Megaman 8 and Megaman and Bass added. (me)

Wily Wars
* Unused Protoman sprite found and added. (me)

Capcom World GB
* Cameo bosses, the world map and misc added. (me)

X Series
Megaman X1
* Armored Armadillo's , Flame Mammoth's, Launch Octopus', Spark Mandrill's and Storm Eagle's stages added to the background section. (Cheers DarkSamus993!)

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  Archive Update: X3 Enemies, and More Megaman Poses
Posted by: ACE_Spark - 28-09-2014 01:21 PM - No Replies

The X section is in a bit of a state isn't it? Let's do something about that.
The following has been re-ripped/updated in the archive. Unless otherwise noted, this is stuff I'm ripping.

Classic Series
* Special Weapon frames from Megaman & Bass added to 32bit Megaman sheet.
*We've also given this section a new look, tell us what you think!

X Series
Megaman X2
* Bubble Crab's sheet has been updated with his projectiles.

Megaman X3
* Following enemies have been re-ripped: Blady, Caterkiller, Earth Commander, Meta Capsule, Walker Cannon, Head Gunner (both types), Helit, Notorbanger, Victoroid (both types compiled into one sheet) & Wall Cancer.
* Following Sub-Bosses have been re-ripped: Carry Arm, Genjibo, Rex 2000.
* Missing frames and pieces have been added to Blast Hornet's sheet.
* Items have been ripped.
* Various things have been moved about, such as Spy Copters going into Misc, and Carry Arm being put into Sub-Bosses. Main bosses have also been split up.
* X3 section has been updated to match the new look of the site.

This update may be.. well. updated, as I rip enemies from X3 as I go along.

EDIT: Since the redesign is ongoing, and one of the biggest pages on the site is currently dead in the water whilst this is happening (mainly, Megaman's page), have a placeholder link to tide you over till that section is finished:
And we've got a redesign done for one of the characters.. of several. Yay. Have a bonus rip from Megaman and Bass, as noted up there.

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  Hanayashiki Xtreme
Posted by: ACE_Spark - 21-09-2014 12:13 AM - Replies (3)

So.. there's a Megaman event going on at a Japanese theme park that has original sprites. Neat.

I got bored, and redrew them. So, update then, it's a small one.

Classic Series
* Megaman sprites re-drawn from this event, except for Wily riding the goose. (Currently by me, but i'll check later if someone has done a more accurate version.)
If anyone has a clearer image of said Wily riding said goose, that'd be great.

X Series
* Missing frames added to the Xtreme sheet. Xtreme sheet also recoloured to the correct colour palette. I'll check out the Armour sheets later. (me)

* Couple of enemies re-ripped.
* Bo-Spider and Serges re-ripped. (me)

Xtreme 2
* Stage Select ripped. (me)

Not much of an update sure, but I thought the Hanayashiki sprites were weird enough by themselves. MM - Sigh

And yes, from the images I've seen, the Yellow Devil really is as wonky as it looks there.

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  Archive Update: Even More X Collection/Command Mission Stuff
Posted by: ACE_Spark - 16-09-2014 07:32 AM - No Replies

MM - Derp Apparently me speed reading has led to some mistakes whilst putting together the Command Mission/X Collection sections, so my apologies Metalman! Hopefully everything should now be in the correct sections.


Added this update:

Classic Series
Wily Wars
The logo. Not sure how this of all things got missed. (me)

X Series
X Collection
* Menus and other stuff added. (Thanks Metalman!)

Project X Zone
* "Cutting in!" Portraits added. (Thanks Dazz!)

Command Mission
* Most sections re-organised... again. Everything "should" be in their correct places.
* More menus added. (Thanks Metalman!)

Zero Series
Zero Collection:
* Menus from the Zero Collection re-uploaded. At this point I cannot remember who originally ripped them, sorry! Feel free to correct me in the comments.

As an aside... I am actually finding these comments in the news posts very helpful. Keep it up guys!

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  Archive Update
Posted by: ACE_Spark - 13-09-2014 09:39 AM - Replies (2)

The following has been added to the archive:

Classic Series
Megaman 7
* Game Genie codes added to the Cheats section. These are compiled from a bunch of lists online, and some I even made myself by pure accident. A cheat file for ZSNES has also been added for the game. (Thanks DarkSerge, zazer, rstalcup, gedowski & me)

Battle and Chase
* The things that I said were updated last update have actually been uploaded this time. Whoops. MM - Derp

X Series

Megaman X1
* Chill Penguin's stage re-ripped.
* Boomer Kuwanger's stage added.
* Sting Chameleon's stage added.
* Sigma Stages 1-4 added. (Big thanks to DarkSamus993 for these!)

Megaman X4
* Additional X Buster sprites added. (Thanks DarkSamus993!)

Command Mission
* More sketches, textures, unused files, and artwork added.
(Thanks Metalman!)
Additionally, things in the Command Mission folders have been moved to their correct sections.

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  Cheats Section Back Up! (Sort of)
Posted by: ACE_Spark - 11-09-2014 08:44 PM - Replies (3)

The Cheats section, or at least what little survived of it from back in the Planet Mega Man days, is now up and running in the Media room. So far only GBA games are up, and not all of them are "complete" as such. Feel free to submit any savestates, cheat files, or codes to us and I'll include them in the section.

Cheat Archive:

Classic Series
* Codebreaker codes added for the Japanese version of Megaman and Bass on the GBA.
* Wily Tower savestates added for Wily Wars (both versions) (me)
* Savestates added for Megaman (Game Gear) (me)

Zero Series
* Codebreaker codes added for Zero, Zero 2, and Zero 3.
* VBA cheat files added for Zero, Zero 2, and Zero 3.

Battle Network Series
* Codebreaker codes added for Battle Network, Battle Network 2, both versions of Battle Network 3, and Battle Chip Challenge.
* Savestates added for Battle Network, Battle Network 2, both versions of Battle Network 3, Battle Network 4 Red Sun, Team Colonel and Team Protoman, Cybeast Falzar and Cybeast Gregar, and finally Battle Chip Challenge.

More to come. I'll look into getting the classic series ones myself.

Unfortunately, the person who originally sent in many of these savestates has been lost in the mists of time... and several server wipes. To this anonymous donor, we salute you!

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  Archive Update
Posted by: ACE_Spark - 11-09-2014 11:13 AM - Replies (3)

Over the coming weeks, the new look of the site will be rolling in. I'm hoping the new layout is more convenient for you guys. Some pages have already been converted, and to get a rough idea of what the look of the main pages will be, feel free to check out the unfinished Zero series page here.
This should give you a good idea as to what we're going for. Any opinions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated at this early stage.

The following has been added/changed to the archive.

Classic Series:

Mega Man 3
* Fortress Bosses Re-Ripped. (me) This adds missing frames from the Yellow Devil, Kamegoro Maker and a rip of Holograph Megaman. Breakman has also been added to the sheet.
* Missing frames for Big Snakey have been added.
* Both tile ripped and screen ripped Sub-Bosses compiled into a single sheet.
* Additionally, any Game Objects, Sub-Bosses, or otherwise on the enemy sheet that shouldn't have been there have been removed and put in their appropriate places.

Battle & Chase
* Door shutters added.
* Map icons added.
* Additional Mugshots from the Japanese version added. (Thanks Metal-Man!)

X Series:
Command Mission
* Textures added for most bosses/characters.
* Menu items added.
* Most of the artwork added. Some could not be saved from the forum collapse, so if you still have them around Metal Man, that'd be useful.

X Collection
* Artwork added. (Thanks Metal-Man for the above!)

Zero Series:
Copy X
* A few re-rips for some frames and sheet re-organized to be more useful.

New podcast coming in the next couple of days.

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  INC Podcast 2 - Stardroid Gazing
Posted by: ACE_Spark - 04-09-2014 11:31 AM - Replies (6)

The second, much shorter, Sprites INC Podcast has just been uploaded.
This one has only a single topic to it, and is about the great, but oddball game in the series, Mega Man 5 for the Gameboy.

As always:
Find the podcast in the Media Room here!

For those wondering on the release schedule for these things, they are pretty much "When I get time to edit them together" as these a good chunk out of my day to edit.
Since this one was both short, and only one person, it didn't take too long.

Happy listening!

For those interested in joining one of these discussions, just PM or IM me times you are available, and a topic you'd want to discuss, and I can see if I can get some peace and quiet to record with.

A glitch/problem that occured when I exported the podcasts meant, ironically enough, that our podcast player (as well as other audio software) had problems playing them, as not all the information for the Mp3's got saved correctly.
After bashing my head against the wall with Audacity, the files have been re-uploaded and they now work fine in the podcast player. (.. and other audio software that I've tested.)
Unfortunately, this does mean the file-size will be a bit larger from here on out for the Podcasts.

If you run into any other problems with the Program, let me know.

I got bored and turned one of the upcoming tutorials into a Mini-Game:
So if you feel up for a Jet Mega Man vs a fairly difficult Devil... give this a shot.

... I got bored and wondered how the thing would fight.

Yet again, another minor Archive Update: More Project X Zone stuff!

Classic Series:

Mega Man 5 Gameboy
* Dark Moon split up for devil formation.
* Additional Dark Moon frames added.
* Text boxes and fonts added. (me)

X Series:
* Project X Zone In-Battle Sprites Added

Project X Zone (3ds)
* Enemies In-Battle sprites added.
* Portraits section added.
* Additional piece of artwork has been added to the Misc section.

Once again, many thanks go to Dazz from Spriter's Resource!

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  Project X Zone Sprites!
Posted by: ACE_Spark - 04-09-2014 01:06 AM - Replies (4)

Dazz of Spriters Resource has very graciously let us use his rips from Project X Zone. Yes, that is a 3ds game, and no, I have no idea how he managed it.
Still this is pretty awesome!
For now you can find most of the PxZ sprites in the X section.

X Series:

Mega Man X
* Project X Zone Sprites Added

* Project X Zone Sprites Added

* Project X Zone Sprites Added

Project X Zone (3ds)
* Enemies and Bosses from the Mega Man series added.
* NPC's from the Mega Man series added.
* Various pieces of artwork have been added to the Misc section.

Legend Series:

Tron Bonne
* Project X Zone Sprites Added

Yet again, big thanks to Dazz for letting us have these! Cheers!

In other news, there will be another podcast released either tomorrow or Friday. Look forward to that, it is shorter than the previous one.

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  Media Room!
Posted by: ACE_Spark - 01-09-2014 10:05 PM - Replies (7)

Well, it's time to do something we've been talking about doing, the Media Room. First of all, press F5, and do a hard refresh...

And with that, the sidebar should've updated! You may notice the chat link to the side has been renamed to "Media Room", since two links to the chat room was kind of redundant.

The Media Room will be host to videos, sound files, all sorts really.

Over the next few days there will be updates to the room as stuff gets added, but for now, we've put up our first Podcast.

It was a little... unorganized, but we hope it's entertaining nevertheless.
Please, check out the first podcast in the series!

Also, this is the perfect opportunity for you to grab the Podcast Player too!

The lesson plan for the the Tutorials is up, as are some public domain sprite sheets to tie you over. Still working on the "Boss Run" page.

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