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  It's a Goal! - Archive Update
Posted by: ACESpark - 22-01-2015 01:40 PM - No Replies

It's taken a while, but a re-rip of all of the players from Mega Man's Soccer has finally been completed, finishing off their animations and correcting errors on the original sheets.

Update is as follows:

Classic Series
Mega Man's Soccer
* All players re-ripped (me)
* Fonts added. (me)
* Team Kits ripped. (me, and uurgh, what an annoyance)

Mega Man 3
* Geminiman's tileset added. (Thanks Lamda!)
* Font added. (me)

Mega Man Power Battles
* Gyroman's and Dustman's backgrounds ripped. (me)

X Series
Megaman X4
* Missing Sigma frames added. (thanks Eureka Drama X!)
* Unused Colonel frame added to unused section. (thanks Eureka Drama X!)

Megaman X6
* Partial High Max rip added. (me)

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  We have a wiki.
Posted by: ACESpark - 07-01-2015 12:59 PM - Replies (3)

Hopefully you've noticed the shiny new button on the sidebar, we have a wiki!
(If you don't notice such a button, try refreshing the page.)

This is for the projects Sprites INC has going on at the moment, so if you want more information on the various games we're doing, this is the place to check it out.

Additionally, anyone involved in a project with other forum members has the opportunity to add their game/project to the wiki should they so wish.

To gain editing access, just log into the Wiki with your forum account.

Happy reading.

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  To follow up Rhythm's post...
Posted by: ACESpark - 01-01-2015 12:00 AM - No Replies

It's just hit New Year's in England, so from the UK, INC wishes you a happy new year!

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  Goodbye 2014, Hello Future
Posted by: Rhythm - 31-12-2014 10:46 PM - Replies (1)

As we close out 2014, just wanted to take a moment and reflect on the past year, and hopes for the upcoming one. Certainly has been an interesting one. The Year of Smash, Mega Man hopefully getting new life. Inc going through a redesign (yes I will finish it in 2015!!).

On a personal note, this year has had its ups and certainly some downs. I'm hoping 2015 will be a lot more ups.

So to everyone out there, I want to wish you a safe, happy, and healthy 2015!

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  Merry Christmas Dudes!
Posted by: ACESpark - 25-12-2014 11:21 AM - Replies (7)

Merry Christmas Guys, have a good one!

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  New Custom Sprite Request Forum Created
Posted by: Rhythm - 16-12-2014 07:44 PM - Replies (4)

not quite sure why we didn't have this before. Partially to reduce the amount of "off-topic" threads in the sprite forum and to help organize the requests a bit more; the Custom Sprite Megathread has been moved to a new sub-forum where people can actually create their own threads for requests.

I'm not going to go through and disperse the Megathread into the insane amount of threads that it would create, so that's been sticky'd to the new Sub-Forum. Hopefully this will help people with their requests as well as those who like to help with the requests.

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  In regards to Christmas Carol 3
Posted by: ACESpark - 14-12-2014 02:18 PM - Replies (3)

Basic Text Transcript of the video:
(Some sentences have been omitted.)

Hi, this is ACE, in the flesh!
Very unusual as I don't usually record myself live, like this. But I figured what the hell.

So, this is basically an update on the progress of MMCC3.
Back in October I was pretty much working full pelt on the game, and assigned myself November and December to work on the game, because this was gong to be a fully fledged Megaman game instead of the mini-games the previous ones had been. And therein lies the problem, you see unfortunately the month I had decided to work on the game, November, I was pretty much just ill.
I'm not going into further detail than that, but I was just really ill when I would've been building this game, and I was ill well into December.
At this point of time it's now impossible for me to get anything out for Christmas related to this game.
I do deeply apologize for this, I know people have put forward work for it, and people have offered to help out, but at this point it's just not feasible.
So I offer my deep apologies for that, as my health hasn't exactly been great lately.

Is the game cancelled? No, just delayed till 2015, as this time round, I'm going to be working on it throughout the year, instead of trying to fit it into the last few months of the year.
There is some good news to come out of it though, because any work done towards the CC engine is work towards another project people are looking forward to: SIBRE.

Since both games are sharing the same engine, SIBRE is up and raring to go. Not a lot needs to be done to convert whats done for Christmas Carol to work for SIBRE.
That should be good news to people looking forward to that project. I very much want to get SIBRE done this year.

SIBRE for those not in the know is the Sprites INC Boss Rush Extravaganza. Shortened to SIBRE, as it's the name everyone remembers it as.
I've personally put the project under a category called "The Infinity Web", which represents all the different robots taken from different universes, as we have robots taken from web-comics, other fan-games, the works.
Basically masters built by the community. Not all of them were built for this particular project, but they are going in.
SIBRE is ready and raring to go.

Basically, a few days ago, I decided there was no point on working on Christmas Carol 3, since you're not going to be able to see any of it this year. Instead work has been done to the SIBRE project.
Is there going to be something this year? At all? We'll see, maybe, what I can pull out of the hat. There is something else that might be released and it depends on how well development on that goes, and depends on whether my health drops like a rock, as I cannot predict when my health fails me.
For those not in the know, I'm currently out of a job, and am living off government benefits, and have been classified as disabled. That should give you a good idea on what my health situation is at the moment.
So I do have the time to work on these things, it's whether I physically can work on these things. I'm not going into more detail on my health, as you don't need to hear about it.

So there's the situation on CC3, it'll be worked upon throughout the year, as opposed to just crammed into a few months, which should hopefully make for a much better game overall.

There is a silver lining to the cloud, which is that any work I've done to CC3 is work done to SIBRE, so hopefully it doesn't feel like a waste of time to people.
Everyone's work has been saved and backed up on my hard-drive, so what-ever you've done, I have a copy of it, and most of it has been implemented into the engine, I just don't see myself being able to release anything solid and concrete around Christmas time.
At least probably not Megaman related. But we will see. I'll see what I can pull out of the rabbits hat for Christmas.

I think I've rambled on enough to give you a rough idea of what I'm doing. So, yeah, from this point on, I'm not working on CC3, this year. Next year I'll start the project back up. Instead, I'm putting my efforts towards SIBRE.
In fact, me and Rhythm have been putting our efforts towards SIBRE, and trying to get something ready so people can actually help with that project again.

As I just said, the engine is ready, so... that's this update.
I'll see what I can do.
Hopefully there will be something this year to play, just a little something, but other than that I'll catch you guys later.

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  Forums Rolled Back
Posted by: ACESpark - 11-12-2014 10:09 AM - Replies (5)

Good news, the forum appears to be working again.
Bad news, avatars appear to be a casualty of the fix. Ya'll have to re-upload your avatars.
It would appear most avatars are intact, never-mind then.

Additionally, any posts from the last couple of days have been lost, but as stated before, that was a possibility. Chat logs from the past few days have also been lost.
Still, it could've been a lot worse, as only losing a few days to a botched upgrade is better than losing a few months, which was the other option.

Let me know if anything else has stopped working in the interim.

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  2014 Inc Awards Have Begun!
Posted by: Rhythm - 28-11-2014 05:06 AM - No Replies

Official announcement that the Annual Inc Awards have begun!
Please head over to the Awards Thread to see this years ballot and rules!
Good luck to everyone!

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  Inc Awards Are Coming Soon!
Posted by: Rhythm - 07-11-2014 05:10 PM - Replies (13)

Hi all. Just a reminder that it's getting close to that time of year again. In 3 weeks we will be starting the Awards again. The process will remain largely unchanged from last year. It will be done in two stages: Nominations and Voting. When the Nomination Period starts on Black Friday, you will PM me with your list of nominees for each of the categories. Once that ends, the top nominees will be included in the final Voting where you will choose this year's winners!! It's all dependent on you, the members. For an idea of how this works out, feel free to check out last year's thread. So start figuring out who you want to see win each of these categories! If you have any questions or even some clarification, feel free to message me or catch me on DeadChat. Good Luck to you all!

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