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RPG Monster Sprite Contest

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  Battle Network section now under renovation
Posted by: Rhythm - 20-05-2015 12:52 AM - Replies (1)

Just a heads up that the BN/EXE section is being worked into the new format. So as per the norm, if you are in need of something and it is unavailable, contact Ace or myself and we will get it for you.

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  New Mobile Section Live
Posted by: Rhythm - 13-05-2015 01:22 AM - Replies (2)

And the updates just keep on rolling. Tonight the Mobile Section goes live to correspond with the Cameo section going live.

So what hides in the Mobile section? These are where the sprites from games released exclusively for mobile phone platforms will be found. Games such as the Mega Man X port for iOS, the rereleases of some of the classic games....and eventually xOver.....

So here will be found assets specifically found for these mobile games. Most of these games were Japan-only releases. In fact, there is a large amount of these games that we haven't acquired the assets for yet. But we hope to.

So again, check out the new section, see some of the odd Mobile games like Rockman Poker, and let us know if anything is amiss

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  New Cameo section - What is it?
Posted by: Rhythm - 12-05-2015 02:59 PM - No Replies

As I stated in my Legends Section update: the new Cameo section is now live. This was not present in the old layout, so why have it now? Mostly it was due to better organization. Capcom likes to spread its IPs around in other games and series like any developer with multiple franchises (Nintendo). But some of those cameo appearances have pulled assets from multiple Mega Man Series. Marvel vs Capcom 2 being very guilty of this. So to make it more convenient, we have created this section that separates these appearances by the game they cameo in. For example, if you wanted the Project X Zone sprites of X, you wouldn't look in the X Series section since PXZ isn't part of the X Series. They are now found in the PXZ section of the Cameo section. Pretty easy, right? Essentially, if they appear in a game that's not part of the main Mega Man Family, they appear here...

...unless it's a mobile phone-based game. But that'll be next

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  Legends section undergoing massive renovation
Posted by: Rhythm - 09-05-2015 03:00 AM - Replies (1)

Currently starting to tackle the Legends section. Once again, some links may suddenly stop working or link elsewhere or nowhere. If any assets are necessary, please let me or Ace know and we will procure them for you.

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  ZX Section undergoing renovation
Posted by: Rhythm - 01-05-2015 02:22 AM - Replies (1)

Currently bringing the ZX Section up to the new layout. As usual, any issues with images or borked links during this time might occur. if so, please let us know

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  Zero Section Undergoing Renovation
Posted by: ACESpark - 18-04-2015 08:10 PM - Replies (3)

As per usual, some links may break temporarily as the section gets updated. If you find yourself in need of a sprite, and it's not there, PM me and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.
Zero section is up to date with the new design!

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  Megaman Revolution - Robot Master Redesign Contest
Posted by: ACESpark - 07-04-2015 03:50 PM - No Replies

For those not in the know, development of the fangame Mega Man Revolution has shifted over to Sprites INC. While the game was in a playable state from start to finish, we are giving the game the extra bit of polish it needs to make a good game, great.

Now with that confirmation out of the way, with the original creator's blessing, we are holding a contest of sorts for redesigning the 8 Robot Masters of the game. If you're interested in helping out or giving it a shot, check out this thread for more details.

UPDATE: We are now accepting submissions, get cracking!

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  Megaman SIBRE - Q&A Podcast
Posted by: ACESpark - 16-03-2015 12:39 PM - No Replies

The questions posed in the livestream Q&A regarding the community project SIBRE, have been edited down into a 14 minute podcast, which can be downloaded here.

Happy Listening!

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  Megaman SIBRE - Guardian Results
Posted by: ACESpark - 01-03-2015 04:45 PM - Replies (3)

Here are the results of the community project's Guardian contest:

Click Here to view the results

Or for those of you who don't want to click the link:

Thank you to everyone that entered, we had some good entries off everyone, but only 3 could make it through in the end. So congrats to those! Watch this space for more news on SIBRE in the coming weeks.

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  Unused Sprite Bonanza - Archive Update
Posted by: ACESpark - 02-02-2015 07:24 PM - No Replies

A large selection of unused sprites ripped from the Classic series are now up.

Mega Man 3
* Unused Magnet Missile added.
* Unused Breakman/Protoman sprites added.
* Unused Megaman sprite added. (me)

Megaman 4
* Unused Seal, Gun, Snake, Boulder, and Plunger enemy added. (me)

Megaman 5
* Unused Bomber, Bagworm, Grenade, Spiney, Gabyoall, Flying Head and Hammer enemy added. (me)

Megaman 6
* Unused "?" added. (me)

Megaman 10
* Unused charge shot added. (thanks Furosuto Kibatodosu!)

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